One Night the Moon

The Plot

"Set in the 1930s Australian Outback, starring singer Paul Kelly as a farmer, Jim Ryan, newly settled in the area. He is the father of a girl, Emily (Memphis Kelly, his real life daughter), who climbs out the window of their farmhouse one night and follows the moon into the hills. Rose Ryan (Kelly's then wife Kaarin Fairfax and mother of Memphis) comes to check on her daughter only to find that Emily is missing.

The Ryans get the local police, led by a sergeant (Chris Haywood), to search for her, but when their Aboriginal tracker, Albert Yang (Kelton Pell) arrives, the father says he does not want any blacks on his land. Jim Ryan and the white police go searching for Emily, destroying evidence Albert could have used to find the girl. The white men cannot find her, eventually Rose goes to Albert's hut and together they go looking for Emily, they find her dead in the hills and bring her body back home. Albert's wife (Ruby Hunter) sings the funeral song for the lost child, whilst their own child is missing - as part of the 'Stolen Generations' - taken by white authorities. Jim blames himself for not finding Emily and commits suicide."
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The Imaginative Landscape in One Night the Moon

A single landscape can be experienced in different ways

Consider white persepctive/aboriginal perspective

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The Landscape is a contested place

A Powerful Landscape
The Landscape is full of perceived threats